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The Kid’s Delta Kite Perfected

The Kid's Delta Kite PerfectedSmall enough to have a light pull, our Kid's Delta Kite has Velcro®-attached 10-ft. nylon tails that make it a cinch to launch and a foolproof flier in 5 to 20 mph winds. 4'-6" x 2'-4". 36" case. Made of ripstop nylon and fiberglass spars, it's Ready to Fly with 200' of 50-lb. polyester line on a handle. Some of the Kid's Deltas that we received in our last shipment were sewn improperly with the keel inadvertently stitched to a panel of the sail. The stitches were removed but the stitch holes remain. These tiny holes are not noticeable in flight and will have no impact on performance. Originally priced at $29.95, these "seconds" are on sale for $25.

More Information
Product Brand Into The Wind
Skill Level Beginner
Minimum Wind 5 mph
Maximum Wind 20 mph