Martin's Shark Kite

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Make it big with the Shark
Make it big with the SharkAppropriately enough, this predator's huge 12-ft. body inflates through the mouth. It flies with a realistic side-to-side motion, the same way sharks swim in the sea. Martin's shark is so eye catching, you'll hear the theme from "Jaws" nearly every time someone comes over to watch. Made in England of ripstop nylon on a slender fiberglass and wood dowel frame. 12-ft. long with a 4 1/2-ft. finspan. 55" case included (This product has a shipping length greater than 42" and can not be shipped to most international addresses). Wind range: 8 to 15 mph. Line not included. Use 50-lb. Dacron line.
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Product Brand N/A
Skill Level Intermediate
Minimum Wind 12 mph
Maximum Wind 20 mph