ITW Green Hydra Stunt Kite by Paul de Bakker

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7231 GREEN

Designed to win and good at it
Designed to win and good at itPaul de Bakker built the Hydra to win in freestyle competition and then used it do just that. A rare combination of trickiness and stability, it’s one of the few kites that can make old and new school tricks look graceful and effortless. Whether you’re a hardcore trick flier or a weekend warrior looking to relax, the Hydra is a kite you’ll never outgrow. Made of .6-oz. Icarex polyester with a high-performance, wrapped carbon frame. 7’-5” x 3’-1”. 58/32” case. Use 100 to 150-lb. Spectra line. For sale at the discounted price of $112.50 while supplies last.
More Information
Product Brand Into The Wind
Skill Level Experienced
Minimum Wind 4 mph
Maximum Wind 18 mph