Silver Fox Stunt Kite

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A snap to change from precision to trick
A snap to change from precision to trickSimply by switching bridle attachments from the blue to pink beads, the Silver Fox changes from a beginner-friendly 3-point bridle to a trick-happy turbo bridle. At the blue beads, it's slow, precise and takes a good amount of arm movement. At the pink beads, it's more responsive, stalls readily and does high level tricks with ease. Made of 1/2-oz. ripstop polyester with wrapped carbon spars. 8'-2" x 3'-0". 12.8-oz. 63/38" case. Use 100 to 150-lb. Dyneema lines.
More Information
Product Brand Flying Wings
Skill Level Intermediate
Minimum Wind 5 mph
Maximum Wind 20 mph