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Beginner Stunt Kites

Flown on two lines, stunt kites let you maneuver your kite in the sky. Launches, loops and dives are easy with these beginner friendly kites.  Choose one of these moderately priced stunters if you’ve never flown a stunt kite before. Medium forward and turning speeds make them easy to keep up with, while their moderate pull and precision reduce the strength and coordination needed to fly a stunter. If you choose a kite that doesn’t come with a tail, adding one will slow the kite down, making it even easier to fly. Most of the beginner stunt kites include polyester line.  This relatively inexpensive line has some stretch which can mute the response of the kite; that’s good for beginners who need a little more time to react. If handles are included, just wrap both lines around the handles for storage. If your kite includes straps with a winder, both lines can be wrapped together in a figure 8 around the winder. You’ll find that our easiest stunt kites are durable, forgiving and perfect for first time fliers.