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Star Kites Book

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Star Kites take the SpotlightMaurizio Angeletti, well known in kiting for designing and building star-shaped kites for the last 35 years, has put his passion into pictures and words with the introduction of his new book: "Star Kites." In this large format, soft cover book he explores how "flying kites became a semi-magical thing which encompassed and fused together art, science and technology and yet could not be reduced to the sum of such aspects." In 520 pages, with nearly the same number of photographs on glossy paper, Angeletti provides a summary of general aerodynamics and then digs in, with over 700 diagrams and drawings, to describe all aspects of flight and kite design. You'll learn not only basic kite making but also will be inspired to transform this knowledge into creating your own dynamic designs. "Above all, I increasingly came to perceive kite making and flying as that combination of art, craft and science that amounts to a unique branch of human development and I hope this book conveys that conviction to the reader." Well said, Maurizio.

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