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ITW 9-ft. Levitation Delta Kite

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Item # 3609-RAINBOW
Price: $89.00
In Stock

Bigger is better
Combining 26 years of kite testing with Christoph Fokken is what it took to build our Levitation Delta Kite. Made of lightweight 40-denier ripstop nylon with a fiberglass frame, it has an oversized keel and trailing edge flap for stability. In light winds, bigger is definitely better. Our 9-ft. delta kite hits a sweet spot. A gentle floater in light winds, it has a manageable pull when the wind comes up. 9-0 x 4-7. Wind range: 4 to 20 mph. 57/32" case. Three tail attachment points. Use 75 to 100-lb. Dacron line.

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ITW 9-ft. Levitation Delta Kite
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Skill Level:   Beginner
Min. Wind:   4 mph
Max. Wind:   20 mph
Brand:   Into The Wind
Added to site:   04/07/2015
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(5 of 5)
sbuczkowski, 2015-05-30
I recently bought the levitation delta as a kap kite. In order to get used to flying it in less than ideal conditions, I have a p... [read more]

(5 of 5)
lovetofly, 2011-10-17
This 9-ft delta is the newest addition to my (growing) kite collection, and it is now my favorite! Like my other kites from ITW, ... [read more]

(5 of 5)
dutchkiter, 2010-10-18
This kite flies fantastic. I had 300' of tails on it and it flew perfect. Put it up, stake it down and relax. Beautiful colors an... [read more]

(5 of 5)
dlc59, 2009-09-30
"This ain't your Granny's kite"....Flying this 9' Levitation Delta in 10-15 mph clean breezes makes a kiter realize that this De... [read more]

(5 of 5)
Lucalogic, 2009-05-29
If there is any one kite a serious flier should have, this is it. This thing has the power to lift large tails and laundry, and h... [read more]

(5 of 5)
shawnshelley@bigpond.com, 2008-11-30
What a great kite. A really nice flyer that is effortless to fly. It soars high on the breeze and is a stable as a rock. Looks gr... [read more]

(5 of 5)
Tim Peters, 2008-06-18
This is a big, rock steady, easy to fly kite with a very managable pull. It looks great against the sky. Good pull, but not t... [read more]

(5 of 5)
Celaya, 2008-01-07
I have used my 9 foot Levitation Delta for Kite Arial Photography. This kite has lifted my KAP rig effortlessly, even in low wind... [read more]

(5 of 5)
Celaya, 2007-10-05
This is my first real kite. It flies great! Launching is easy too. I haven't had it very long but, I have flown it in 5-10mph w... [read more]

(5 of 5)
dougonfly52, 2007-07-27
After a long time away from kite-flying, your Levitation deltas were my first and third kites(Rocky mountain DC in between). Effor... [read more]