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ITW Progressive Delta Conyne Kite Stack

The best selection, service and guarantee since 1980.

Our Line of Kites - Having a kite store in a place with some of the worst winds on the planet, we've learned what separates kites that fly well from kites that fly great. Together with leading kite designers, we've turned that experience into some of the best flying kites anywhere.

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Customer Review

I recently bought the levitation delta as a kap kite. In order to get used to flying it in less than ideal conditions, I have a park nearby ringed with trees about 60-70' tall. Winds aloft today were blowing 14mph but at ground it was gusty, shifty and just general garbage. The delta was able to cut through that. Hold it by the nose to let it weathervane in the wind, wait for a gust and let go. The wind pulled the kite downrange 80-100' where I grabbed the line and got the kite to shoot skyward right through the cruft. I spent the next hour with the kite flying serenely at 500'. The only problem was that I didn't bring a lawn chair. Can't wait to put a camera on it.   - sbuczkowski
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The leading online kite store, Into The Wind is located in Boulder, Colorado.