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ITW Progressive Delta Conyne Kite Stack

The best selection, service and guarantee since 1980.

Our Line of Kites - Having a kite store in a place with some of the worst winds on the planet, we've learned what separates kites that fly well from kites that fly great. Together with leading kite designers, we've turned that experience into some of the best flying kites anywhere.

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Customer Review

I've had this kite for 3yrs.. flown it at least 200 times.. up to 1800' youtube tvabiker for video... had to make my own kite reel... i use 2. 25' 3" tube tails on each bottom corner for stability.. works great.. the bottom has streched a little over time but not much.. i also duct taped a camera on top and took video of the big church i fly at ..its on youtube also.   - tvabiker
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The leading online kite store, Into The Wind is located in Boulder, Colorado.