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Quad Line Kites

With two lines, you have control of your kite’s direction of flight; you can turn right and left, make loops and spins but the kite always flies forward. Four line kites let you control the angle of the wing to the wind and consequently, all of its flight characteristics: speed, direction and pull. Quad line kites can move forward or reverse, fly sideways, pivot on a wing tip, rotate on dead center or stop and hover in mid-air, at the speed you choose. Center pivot turns are done simply by making one side of the kite go forward and the other side backward. It’s possible to control the power of the kite just by changing its angle to the wind. The versatility of quad line kites makes them a great choice for team flying. Quad team flying is one of the most visible kiting pastimes in the world with dozens of exhibition teams worldwide and mega flies with 80+ pilots in formation. Watch a video and you’ll be inspired to take the quad line challenge.