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Kites 101 : Where to Fly

Pick the Right Place to Fly a Kite

Choose an open, treeless area. Trees or buildings upwind can cause ground turbulence and make your kite hard to launch. Downwind, these "kite eating" obstacles can cause turbulence that attracts kites. Hills can be great places to fly kites. Stand on the windward side to avoid turbulence created by the hill itself. 

How Much Wind Do You Need to Fly?

Generally less than you think. If you don't have a wind meter, use the Beaufort Scale to judge the wind. Most kiteflying problems are caused by not matching the kite to the wind. If your kite loops and dives while pulling hard on the line, try letting out line. If that steadies it, but only temporarily, the wind is too strong for it. Try adding a tail for more drag. Remember, a tail should add drag not weight. If your kite wobbles and fails to climb unless you keep pulling in line, the wind is too light. Some kites can be adjusted for the wind. If that doesn't work, try a different kite or fly on another day. 

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