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Kites 101 : Getting Ready

Before Flying Your Kite Get Your Flying Line Ready

If you bought bulk line, transfer it to your reel, using the Slip Knot to attach it to the reel. A snap swivel makes it easy to connect line to your kite and keeps tangles out of your line. If you have a swivel, tie your line to it with the Clinch Knot. If you don't have a swivel, tie the line to your kite with the Bowline Knot.

Before Flying Your Kite Get Your Kite Ready

Read its instructions and assemble it indoors first to see how it's done. Some kites, especially Boxes, can be complicated to assemble. Read the tips below for different types of kites. When you've got your kite and line ready, see How to Launch and Fly Single Line Kites.

Delta Kite Tips

Make sure that the wing spars are pushed all the way out to the wing tips. If there are two holes on the keel, attach your line to the lower hole in light winds and the upper hole in stronger winds. 

Deltas are light to moderate wind kites. If your delta pulls hard and loops or dives, the wind is too strong. Adding tails makes deltas easier to launch and fly in gusty winds. Be sure to keep the kite symmetrical, add tails at the center or equally to each side. Don't attach tails to the keel.

Tips for Dragons, Diamonds and Box Kites

Attach your line to the loop on the bridle. You can adjust your kite for stronger or lighter winds by moving the bridle loop. Make sure the factory setting is marked before you move the loop up 1/2" for strong winds or down for light winds.

Tails are needed for most diamond kites; box kites prefer steady winds, and Mylar® Dragons will last longer if you avoid strong winds.

Tips for Airfoil Kites

Attach your line to the bridle loop. Bridle adjustment is not recommended with airfoils. Instead, match your tail to the wind. A streamer tail can be fine in moderate winds, but you may need to change to a drogue tail (picture) in strong winds. 

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