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Speed Kites

Fast enough to grab your attention Speed Kites are a hot trend in Europe. Best for experienced fliers, they’ll challenge and improve your reflexes. Christoph Fokken’s Lycos foils are the speed demons of the sky. Built like a paraglider with stiff V profile cells, the Lycos kites are not only able to maintain their shape under most conditions but this stable shape also allows for an optimized bridle with fewer bridle lines to contribute to drag. Low resistance airfoils with high aspect ratio sails and slim Dyneema bridles, they have unequaled speed and power. Even at medium wind speeds, the kites will scream across the sky. They have been clocked on Doppler radar flying at speeds over 100 mph and a top speed of 116 mph.  Flying one is like having a shot of espresso…wake up and fly!

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