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George Peters - Artist / Sculptor / Kitemaker

George Peters

I began making and flying kites while living in Hawaii in 1976. After years as a painter, sculptor and graphic artist, the experimental combination of working in light weight sculptural forms and a constant source of good trade winds probably made the leap to kites inevitable. The first kites were simple and flew tentatively. Using my love of color, graphic design and craft combined with inspiration from Japanese kites turned simple kite making into a full wind-blown passion about the art and culture of kites around the world. Many of my designs were inspired from nature, the forms of birds and insects to more abstracted shapes suited for their aerodynamic qualities and visual appeal in the blue sky gallery.”

George Peters has worked with aerial forms from gallery works to installation sculpture, kites, mobiles, wind sculpture and banner works. He has completed over eighty national and international commissioned works for private, corporate and public institutions.  His art education was at the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles and has worked in various art fields as a visual artist, sculptor, craftsman, fiber artist, environmental and installation sculpture, graphic arts, illustration, photography, film animation, digital imaging, architectural modeling, theater set and costume design. He has written numerous articles to national and international publications about kite history and the art of kites in a cultural context. Since creating Airworks Studio with artist, Melanie Walker in 1999, their joint aerial sculpture works have won national and international public art commission awards.

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