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Robert Brasington - Kite Maker

Robert Brasington

I was born in Hobart and like many Tasmanians spent many years away from my Island. Twenty-five years ago, Tracey and I returned from living in southern England. We moved to the town of St. Helens on the east coast. We were involved in ornamental horticulture, both as our careers and our passions.

Kite making presented itself as our career change. St. Helens was chosen as an appropriate centre for small scale production of kites, a retreat for surfing and a climate conducive to growing a wide range of plant species.

The kite business, then focusing specifically on wholesale sales of dual line stunt kites, flourished immediately. We built a reputation for quality product, outstanding service and reliability and within a very short time and became the main supplier of Australian made sports kites to kite retailers on the mainland.

As time moved on, the direction of the business changed from wholesale sports kite production to decorative single-line kites and sculptural ground displays. That has been the focus for the past 15 years.

Travelling around the world as a guest exhibitor is now a regular occurrence. I have been honoured to represent Australia in Europe, the USA and Asia at Kite Festivals and Cultural Events.

I am regularly designing kites and ground displays for US and European companies.

Conducting design workshops is also a major part of my work load.