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FAQ – Wind Art, Toys + Kitemaking

How long will my new wind art product last?

Our windsocks, flags, and lawn ornaments are made from the most resilient of materials. Although durable, constant and direct exposure to the sun can degrade these materials over time. In addition, any abrasion the item may sustain as it encounters another object, (i.e., a tree, the side of a house or an awning) can cause it to wear or fray. In a shaded or protected area, your wind art product may last several years, but in areas with constant and direct ultraviolet light exposure, you may need to replace it annually.

How do I measure the diameter of the spar that I need to replace? 

Dial or digital calipers or a micrometer make it easy to get a precise measurement of the outside diameter (O.D.) of round objects like kite spars. If you do not own them you may be able to access calipers at a hardware store, machine shop, sporting goods or outdoor gear store. They are also commonly used in automotive and science applications. Obtaining a measurement in thousandths of an inch will allow you to match your kite spar with the replacement material we carry. If you can't measure the spar, we can usually determine what size you need by checking our specification chart. As a last alternative, you may need to send us a piece of the broken spar, along with the name of the kite, so we can determine what you need. Sometimes spar sizes are noted in the manufacturer’s instructions or on the spar itself.

I want to buy some of your ripstop nylon fabric, but I am not sure from looking at your website and catalog what the colors really look like.

Well, that was really more of a statement than a question, but here's your answer. We can provide a small sample strip of the nylon colors we have available and mail it to you so you can see first-hand what colors we are currently carrying. If you would like a sample sheet, please either call or contact us by email and we will be happy to send one to you.

Is my hoop spool really unbreakable? 

Well, most of the time! Breakage usually occurs when reeling in a hard pulling kite, which puts tension in the line that in turn puts a considerable degree of stress on the reel. Due to the inherent stretch of Dacron line, this will crack any reel regardless of its "unbreakable" design and/or materials. Unfortunately, the damage will not always be immediately apparent. The best way to care for your reel is to walk the kite down first and land it before reeling in your line, or walk toward the kite as you manually pull in the line before reeling the slack line onto the hoop.

What is the best way to fly line laundry from my lifter kite?

Connecting laundry to the flying line is easy. We use small carabiners wrapped into the line, normally three twists work just fine. When the line is slack, you can slide the "biner" anywhere you want. However, when the kite goes up and tension builds on the line, the "biner" is locked in place.  Make sure each piece of line laundry has a swivel attached to it before attaching it to the line laundry connector loops or carabiners clips. It is quick, easy, and doesn't reduce line strength. You can stretch laundry out along the length of your line, or cluster several pieces - like long tubes - at a single point. Experiment!  Build a collection of color-coordinated spinners, drogues and tubes that you can vary for different conditions and fields.

Why does the battery in the red Flashflight last so much longer than the blue or green Flashflights?

Based on the visible light spectrum within the broader electromagnetic spectrum, we can verify that a longer wavelength is associated with red light than either green or blue light.  By definition, wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency.  Hence, the frequency is lower for red light than for either green or blue light.  This low frequency means less energy is required to produce this color of light (red) than either green or blue light.  The Flashflight disc carrying the red LED then has a battery life that is greater than either the green or blue carriers.  To underscore this point, the Flashflight disc carrying the red LED includes one 3V battery to achieve its 120 hour "light life" whereas the green and blue include two 3V batteries each to achieve the 25 hour "light life".

Which Jackite should I use to scare away unwelcome birds?

Our customers have had the most success with Item #949 - Jackite Osprey for this purpose.  It's our most popular Jackite.

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