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Kite Line + Reels

You’ll find the perfect kite line and reel for your kite from our wide assortment.  Choose a lightweight, inexpensive, easy-to-hold handle or spool for a kid’s kite or upgrade to a hardwood spool or our favorite hoop spools that make it simple to let line out and reel it in quickly. The tough plastic hoops in assorted colors are guaranteed for life.  Into The Wind is about the only place that you’ll find Ashaway’s braided Dacron line. Made specifically for kiteflying, it has an unusually tight, fine braid for maximum resistance to tangling and kinking. The longer you use it, the more you’ll appreciate its smooth and trouble-free handling. It’s the best line there is. To help keep your line tangle free, we include free snap swivels with your purchase of Dacron line and with all Into The Wind branded single line kites.