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Tails + Line Laundry

Tails add color and motion to your kite for a more impressive look in the sky. They also stabilize kites, making them easier to fly in strong or gusty winds. Streamer tails are the best choice for light winds and light wind kites, like Deltas. Stabilizing strong wind kites, like Airfoils, is best done with a tail that provides more drag, like a drogue or fringed tail. Line laundry is kite slang for the colorful, comment-provoking creations that you attach to your kite’s flying line and lift into the sky with your kite. The best way to attach line laundry to the line is to wrap small carabiners into the line with a couple of twists. Not only does this method secure the laundry onto the line but it makes switching out pieces easy. You can go from a Star to a Spinflower to a Snake in a snap, literally.