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Power Kites

Don’t forget the thrill factor when you select your sport kite. Small stunt kites can fly well, but they can’t change the laws of physics. The sensations of stunt kite flying tend to get reduced along with the size. Big kites are more impressive in the sky, make more noise and are more exciting to fly.  But most importantly, Power Kites develop tremendous pull in strong winds. The more extreme edge of stunt kite flying, Power Kites appeal to the risk taker who likes the pull and excitement at the max. The danger is obvious, but as with many sports, it’s part of the attraction. Just remember, play hard but play safe. We recommend that you follow all safety instructions and to make sure that message is clear, we require a signed “Acknowledgement of Risk” when you purchase power kites from Into The Wind that are potentially hazardous and dangerous. It’s best to familiarize yourself with any new power kite by flying in light winds to begin with and progressing to stronger winds as you gain more experience. Nothing stops the fun faster than an injury.  

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