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Stunt Kite Accessories

Stronger, thinner stunt kite lines have less drag so your kite will fly in less wind. Low stretch lines make your stunter respond more quickly and precisely to your commands.  Dacron polyester line is the standard beginners’ stunt line. It stretches more than other stunt kite lines, slowing the kite down and making it easier to fly. Economical and easy to tie, it does not need to be sleeved. Dacron stretches 15% at the breaking point (for nylon it’s 30%). Spectra line is the most popular, strongest and least stretchy stunt kite line. With only 4% stretch, it is slippery and feels smoother when your lines are wrapped around each other. Spectra line has a low melting point, so don’t cross another type of line with it or the Spectra will break. We recommend sleeving Spectra to improve the knotted strength from 45% to 65%. Dyneema is made using the same fibers as Spectra but our Dyneema line is braided and wound in China. It is as smooth as Spectra but somewhat stretchier and will most likely require equalization before use. Like Spectra line, Dyneema line should be sleeved.