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Trick Stunt Kites

Kites on the cutting edge of sport kite design, these trick kites not only do more tricks, but they do them faster. It’s easy to initiate and pull out of wind-spilling punch turns and stalls. In a strong wind, by the time you think about turning, it’s done. In light winds, some trick kites tend to oversteer, which a good flier can use to their advantage. Basic tricks like the Side-Slide and Snap Stall will be second nature for a trick kite and allow you to progress to more advanced tricks like the Axel, Pancake, Fade, 540 Flat Spin and Lazy Susan. Although foils can be a good choice for learning two-line basics and also a good choice for power kiting they can’t do the wide range of acrobatic tricks that a framed kite can. If your stunt kite flying could use a new shot of adrenaline, you’ll find it in a framed trick kite. These kites require experience and reward it.

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