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Brasington Between The Lines

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Each one of these five kites is something special, something extraordinary. Colors glow in the light, even the delicate tails made of organza sparkle in the sun. Each of these kites is easy to assemble and launch, each flies stably on its own.
But their true magic unfolds in company: as a chain or next to each other. Put together your favorite combination.

Each kite comes with 12ft long connecting lines and loops for attaching, but without flying line. 

Kites # 1, 2, 3 and 5 are 3'1" x 2'6"; kite #4 is 2'8" x 2'6". 50lb line for individual kites recommended; 300lb line recommended for 5 kite train. Flies in 6-25mph winds. 

Sold Individually. 

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