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Stunt Kite 101 : Developing Your Skill

Advanced Stunt Kite Flying

Our Pocket Guide will get you started, but when you're ready for the next step, the videos and books in our Kite Catalog will take you as far as you want to go. A sample of things you can do with stunt kites:

Kite Ballet Flying

Using a portable music player and headphones, try matching your kite's motions to music. Music expressed with a stunt kite is a most enjoyable way to develop your skills.

Start a Team

If you and your friends have similar kites, try flying them together in formation as a team. Team flying is harder than it looks. Starting out in light winds will slow your kites down and help you stay in formation. Kites made for team flying are very precise and slow. You'll see why.

Flying Patterns

In Precision Flying, the goal is to fly perfect patterns in the sky. Some maneuvers are easy and some are challenging. Pattern flying serves to advance your flying skills and to measure your progress.

Radical Tricks

Responding to carefully-timed, aggressive punching and pulling on the handles, "Radical" style kites make extremely tight, wind-spilling, "snap turns or stalls". Advanced maneuvers like the axel, turtle and flip flop all begin with snap stalls. Advanced videos and books help to get you started flying on the wild side of kiting.

Zero Wind Flying

Indoors or out, flying kites in no wind opens up a sky full of possibilities. You'll need specialized equipment and practice to do it, but you'll never have to wait for the wind to blow! 

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