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Stunt Kite 101 : Adjusting Bridles

If the wind is right for your kite and it still doesn't want to fly, you may need to adjust the bridle. Most bridles are adjusted by moving the bridle attachment point along the line running from the upper spreader to the bottom of the center spine.

Your kite's instructions will tell you where to start relative to the marks on the bridle. Make sure both sides are the same and move the clips or loops 1/4" at a time, test flying the kite after each adjustment. Move the clips or loops up toward the nose when the kite won't climb, pulls too hard or oversteers (keeps turning after you try to get it to stop). This increases the kite's speed and lift in light winds, letting it fly higher and further to the sides and decreases the pull in strong winds. Move the clips or loops down when the kite flutters, doesn't pull or makes very wide turns. This makes the kite respond quicker, turn tighter and pull harder. Lift is decreased in light winds, so more wind will be needed to fly your kite. Some kites have an adjustable "outhaul" (or outer) bridle lines. Shortening the outhaul line tightens turns and quickens response. Lengthening it reduces oversteer and increases stability.

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